SPH IT Services

Report Laptop/Desktop issues, Application issues, Network Connection Issues, VPN issues. New Laptop\Desktop Purchases. Access/Permissions to SPH-Shares. The Computing Support Help Desk is located at 7625 SPH I (restricted access) and may be contacted by phone at 936-1247, by e-mail at sph.help@umich.edu.

Services (12)

SPH-IT: Level 2 sponsorship

level 2 sponsorship

SPH-IT: Laptop/Desktop Issues

Report a problem (software/hardware) with your Laptop / Desktop.

SPH-IT: Application Issues

Request application installation, Licensed software updates, Software Licensing updates and any other installed application related issues.

SPH-IT: Laptop/Desktop Build

Request a Laptop/Desktop Build

SPH-IT: New Laptop\Desktop Purchases

Request an MMarketsite quote created for computer purchases

SPH-IT: Network Connection Issues

Network Connection Issues

SPH-IT: Request Access to SPH Shared Drives

Request Access to SPH Shared Drives

SPH-IT: Remove Access to SPH Shared Drives

Request Removal of Access to SPH Shared Drives

SPH-IT: Local Administrator Access

Request Administrator Privilege on a SPH Computing Workstation

SPH-IT: Network Printer Installation

Request a Network Printer Installation

SPH-IT: General Help Request

If none of the services above fit your issue, send a general help request to the SPH IT Help Desk.