Popular Services

Request access to building exterior entrances, and specific rooms or corridors in School of Public Health buildings (SPH I and SPH II).

Report a problem (software/hardware) with your Laptop / Desktop.

Request Facilities or Maintenance Support

Request an MMarketsite quote created for computer purchases

If none of the services above fit your issue, send a general help request to the SPH IT Help Desk.

Request a Laptop/Desktop Build

Request application installation, Licensed software updates, Software Licensing updates and any other installed application related issues.

Request help from EPID Administrative Core

Request an update to one or more pages in the SPH website or the Heights.

Request help with a group website hosted by SPH.

Request membership changes to an SPH Qualtrics group or request that surveys be transferred from one individual to another.

Request Removal of Access to SPH Shared Drives

Request an external domain registration or renewal.

Request Help with TeamDynamix