SPH Web Services

Request SPH website updates, OU Campus support, online application support, hosted website support, and more. Web Services is located at 7625 SPH I (restricted access) and may be contacted at sph.web@umich.edu.

Services (13)

SPH-Web: Website Issue

Report a problem with the SPH website

SPH-Web: Website Support

Request an update to one or more pages in the SPH website or the Heights.

SPH-Web: Course Proposal Database Issue

Report an issue with the Course Proposal Database (CAID)

SPH-Web: OU Campus Support

Request support for using the content management system OU Campus.

SPH-Web: Online Application Issue

Report an issue with an Online Application

SPH-Web: Qualtrics Support

Request membership changes to an SPH Qualtrics group or request that surveys be transferred from one individual to another.

SPH-Web: TeamDynamix Support

Request Help with TeamDynamix

SPH-Web: Domain Support

Request an external domain registration or renewal.

SPH-Web: Group Website Support

Request help with a group website hosted by SPH.

SPH-Web: Students Request Access to the Heights

SPH Students Request Access to the Heights

SPH-Web: Calendar of Events Requests

Add events and request changes to SPH Calendar of Events.

SPH-Web: Directory Requests

Submit an addition, change or deletion to the directory