Instructions for using TeamDynamix, the online ticketing application provided by ITS.

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Pinned Article Using the TeamDynamix Hub to Transfer Tickets to Other Applications

The Hub is a way to transfer tickets between the TeamDynamix Ticketing applications used by campus schools, colleges, and administrative units. This knowledge article explains how transfer tickets using the Hub.

Setting Up Your TeamDynamix Desktop

Instructions for setting up your TeamDynamix Desktop to see your tickets.

The Actions Drop-Down

We discuss the options under the Actions drop-down of a ticket window.

Editing Tickets in TeamDynamix

When you want to edit the details of the ticket but not post an update.

Updating Tickets in TeamDynamix

When you want to post and/or send an update to a ticket.

Creating New Tickets in TeamDynamix

Instructions for Creating New Tickets in Team Dynamix

Viewing Closed/Resolved Tickets

How to view Closed/Resolved Tickets

TeamDynamix Training Videos

TeamDynamix provides a wealth of training videos for using the application.