What is SIS?

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What is SIS?

  • SIS, or Student Information System, provides the university with a way to securely make student information available online.
  • SIS is currently accessible from anywhere you have access to the internet. This allows users to access it from remote locations such as at home or at work. You are not required to be on campus to access SIS.

Who can access SIS and what can they access?

  • All faculty, academic advisors, and students have access to SIS.
  • Faculty can access class lists, photo rosters, email the class, use Advisor Notes, issue overrides, and submit grades.
  • Academic Advisors can use Advisor Notes, run transcript analyses, and apply/release holds.
  • Students can access financial aid information, register for orientation, apply for housing, register for classes, change current password, and check their transcripts all through SIS.
    • A student can add someone as a proxy user to view their student records online through SIS.
  • A Proxy User can view financial aid information and student account information as designated by the student.

How do I access SIS?

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