Using Advisor Notes In SIS

Intended Audience

This article is intended for current faculty and staff who would like to know more about using Advisor Notes in SIS.

What is SIS?  What is Advisor Notes?

  • SIS, or Student Information System, provides the University with a way to securely make student information available online.
  • SIS is currently accessible from anywhere you have access to the internet. This allows users to access it from remote locations such as at home or work. You are not required to be on campus to access SIS.
  • Advisor Notes is a section within SIS where faculty, advisors, and other approved staff may enter notes about a student.

Who can access SIS/Advisor Notes and what can they access?

  • All faculty, academic advisors, and students have access to SIS.
  • Faculty can access class lists, photo rosters, email the class, use Advisor Notes, issue overrides, and submit grades.
  • Academic Advisors can use Advisor Notes, run degree evaluations, apply and release holds.
  • Students can access some information in SIS, but they do not have access to Advisor Notes.

Advisor Notes – Best Practices

  • DO post a summary of a meeting with a student regarding course status. Example: Met with the student to discuss progress in NSC 207-Pathophysiology. The student is not passing with the minimum C+ at midterm, required for admission to the Nursing program.
  • DO NOT post anecdotal or personal comments regarding students. Example: The student is failing Patho because he is lazy.  He does not come to class or meet with the tutor.
  • DO post a copy of an email to the student regarding the course or program progression. 
  • REMEMBER – Advisor Notes may be seen by anyone (Faculty/Advisors/Staff) who has access.

How do I access SIS/Advisor Notes?

How to search for a student, add a note and view Advising Notes

  1. Go to SIS/Advisor Notes at
    • Login using your uniqname and current password
  2. Click on Faculty and Advisors
  3. Click on Advisors Menu
  4. Click on Advisor Notes – (For Advisor Use Only)
  5. Enter in the Students UMID Number or Last Name and First name
    • Click Search
  6. Advisor information about the student will now be displayed
  7. To Post a New Advising Note
    • Scroll down on the main page to the section labeled ‘Post New Advising Comment’
  8. To view existing Advising Notes
    • Scroll down on the main page to the section labeled ‘Advising Comment History’
    • Note: Anyone with access can see Advising Comment History. Students do not have access.


If you have any questions or experience any issues using Advisor Notes, contact the SON Undergraduate Program Manager or the Student Success Center.


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SON UG Program Mgr, Maris Gilles

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