How do I set my lecture recording site to automatically publish recordings after they are made?

CAEN Lecture Recording sites can automatically publish recordings (or "Auto-post") as they are made, or leave them unpublished until the site owner/manager manually publishes them as desired.

To change a recording site's Auto-post setting, follow these steps:

  • Log into CAEN's Lecture Recording Management website.

  • Click My Sites, then click the Site Info link under the site to which you want to change the auto-post setting.

  • On the left side of the page, under Other Options, find the Auto-post Recordings setting:

Off (default) - recordings will need to be published in order for students to view them
On - when a recording is made, it will automatically be published, and anyone with access to the site can view them
On, auto-trim based on audio - same as above, but the system will try to determine when to trim the beginning and end of the recording, and apply those cuts. Rooms with backup microphones (most Engineering classrooms) are unable to take advantage of this setting.

Note: Only "Published" recordings in the CAEN Lecture Recording Service can be watched by students (i.e. regular viewers).


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