How do I control the lecture recorder from the touchscreen panel in an Engineering classroom?

Each College of Engineering classroom has a touchscreen panel at the front of the room that can be used by the instructor for basic operation of the room’s lecture recorder. This includes manually starting and stopping recordings, as well as controlling the camera positioning.

The lecture recording controls can be accessed by pressing the Lecture Recorder button:

Tablet with recording controls

This will bring up a page showing a live view of the room’s camera, status of the recorder, and controls for positioning the camera and starting/stopping the recorder as appropriate:

live view of lecture

Starting a Recording

The recorder can be started manually using the touchscreen. Note, though, that we recommend scheduling recordings ahead of time if possible. Pre-scheduled recordings will start and stop without any manual intervention, and recordings will automatically go to the proper lecture recording site and/or Canvas course page. Note also that recordings started on the touchscreen will go to a holding area, and you can contact to have it moved to the desired site.

To start a recording manually, click the Start New Recording button on the touchscreen. The following window will appear asking for the duration to record:

Confirmation screen to begin a recording

Recording time is adjustable in 10-minute increments, and the maximum recording time will be set based on when the next scheduled recording is taking place. Note that you can always stop the recording early on the touchscreen if needed.

Stopping a Recording

Whether a recording started due to a pre-set schedule or manually using the touchscreen, you can stop it early by pressing the Stop button:

Stop button for recording

The following confirmation page will be displayed:

Confirmation screen to stop recording

Controlling the Camera

The camera can be panned and tilted by pressing the arrow buttons over the video preview, and zoomed in and out using the plus and minus buttons:

Camera controls screen

You can also recall camera presets using the Presets button.

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