What is the difference between using ITS Virtual Sites (midesktop.umich.edu) and the CAEN Windows Remote Desktop Service (caen.midesktop.it.umich.edu) servers when connecting with the VMware Horizon Client?

midesktop.umich.edu is the server used to connect to the ITS Virtual Sites service. This service is available to all University of Michigan students, and provides access to university-licensed software.

For instructions on using Virtual Sites, refer to the ITS Documentation page.

caen.midesktop.it.umich.edu is the server used to connect to CAEN's Windows Remote Desktop Service. This service is available to eligible students at the College of Engineering, and provides access to a set of engineering-specific applications covering a wide range of disciplines as part of the CAEN Lab Software Environment (CLSE). It also offers enhanced hardware for better performance when working with graphics-intensive applications.

For instructions on connecting to the Windows Remote Desktop service using the VMware Horizon Client, refer to our knowledge base article: How do I connect to a CAEN Windows computer remotely?



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