Use one of the following eForms for processing job offers for students, non-student temporary, graduate students, and faculty/staff.

Please note the following before submitting:
• Contingent offers/letters are highly encouraged if you are unsure if the background check will be completed timely before the proposed start date. Staff HR approval is required.
• Per Staff HR, HR Coordinators are asked to document the reason for a retro start date.
• If a remote I-9 is needed, then the remote I-9 must be first requested by the hiring department (or SSC HRC) to begin the process. Once the request has been reviewed and approved, the remote I-9 unit will reach out for further processing.

Due to the SSC agreement with Michigan Medicine's Solution Center, we are unable to process job offers for Michigan Medicine. For questions or inquiries on how to process job offers, please reach out directly to the MM HR Solution Center.