Transferring MiVideo Media Ownership


MiVideo Mediaspace


A faculty or staff member has or will be leaving the University and ownership of their MiVideo media needs to be transferred to a colleague. 


There is no method in either Canvas or MiVideo Mediaspace that will allow media owners to bulk transfer ownership, however the ITS-MiVideo team (or any KMC admin) can perform this task. 

To place a MiVideo ownership transfer request to ITS-MiVideo:

  • The request must come from either the media owner or a departmental chair if the media owner has already left the University
  • Submit a ticket with the ITS Service Center with the following information:
    • Uniqname of the current media owner
    • Uniqname of the new media owner
    • What subset of media will be transferred (for example, all media in a specific Canvas course or all media published to a specific channel in a Mediaspace)

Additional Information

For additional questions, please contact the ITS Service Center

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