Fix A Video File That Won't Play Back With HandBrake

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I created a video but now it won't play properly (there is an error message, no video, no audio, etc). Is there anything I can try to fix this?


Transcode Using Free HandBrake software

HandBrake is popular free video conversion software for Mac and Windows. These steps outline the general process for transcoding video with Handbrake. For more support, see the Documentation and Community Forums at 

  1. Download HandBrake from and install
  2. Open Handbrake and click Open Source to select the video
  3. At the bottom of the page (or wherever you see Save As), enter a file name for the new video
  4. Click the Presets button and choose output settings (usually Fast 1080p30 is sufficient)
  5. Click the Start button
  6. When processing is done, open your video to verify it plays properly
    1. If HandBrake fails transcoding it could indicate the source file is corrupted

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