TeamDynamix Upgrade 11.3 6/19/2021




TeamDynamix will be released in June, 2021.  Users will learn about its impacts and new and changed features.


Upgrade Outage and Impacts

  • The Upgrade will occur 12AM - 4AM Saturday June19. TeamDynamix will be unavailable during this time
  • TeamDynamix will be available for regular use during the day on Saturday, June 19th beginning at 4AM
  • Emails sent to email monitors during the upgrade will queue, and will be processed after the upgrade is complete
  • APIs will not be available during the upgrade. If you or your team has APIs to TDX, please take any necessary action to ensure all expected processing will occur
  • Notifications sent from TDX will also queue and be sent once services have resumed

Preview Environment

  • A preview of TeamDynamix version 11.3 is available at:
  • Email has been disabled in the preview environment
  • The preview environment has slow performance; this is expected and is not reflective of the responsiveness we will have in the production environment
  • Contact the Service Support Team if you need credentials to test APIs in the preview environment

Enhancements / What is Changing

  • Technician Impacts
    • New Button to "Delete all Tasks" if used, gives a warning before deleting all tasks.
    • Ability to search by "Item ID" in TDNext. Items include Tickets, Services, Assets, Project Issues, Project Tasks 
  • TeamDynamix Version 11.3 Vendor Release Notes:

Service Management

  • Service Offerings  –  Organizations can create Service Offerings, which are subcomponents of a Service. Each Service in the service catalog can act either as a standalone service (current behavior) or as the parent for one or more Service Offerings. Service Offerings have their own forms, standard and custom attributes, and settings
  • Custom Attribute Dependencies  –  Custom Attribute dependencies are now defined separately from the custom attribute. This allows you to create multiple parent-child relationships for one attribute, then choose which dependency will apply on each that uses the custom attribute. Existing parent-child custom attribute relationships will be preserved and automatically applied to any forms where the attribute pair is used
  • Forms and Attributes Changes
    • The Form Builder now supports setting default values for date fields up to 20 years in the future
    • The Form Builder will prompt before deleting a Static Content section
    • The Form Builder includes a Refresh button, which updates the list of available fields
    • The Form Builder will warn the user when they are approaching the maximum number of fields in a form. The TDClient Form Builder supports up to 65 fields and the TDAdmin Form Builder supports up to 250 fields
    • The TDAdmin Form Builder includes a link to an attribute's details on the Edit Properties menu for each custom attribute
    • Deleting ticket, asset, or CI attributes is prevented if they are in use on a form
  • Delete All Tasks Button  –  A Delete All Tasks button has been added to the Ticket's Tasks/Activities tab, allowing users to delete tasks without having to add a blank task template. This button will be affected by the "The user will be able to delete ticket tasks that they can edit" permission

General Enhancements 

  • Email Service Improvements*
    • Continuous Monitoring  –  Instead of reading email every 5 minutes, email is read continuously
    • Non-IMAP options  –  The service allows reading email using Office 365 and G Suite web services instead of the IMAP protocol. IMAP is still supported by the new service
    • Reply Detection  –  The service detects and matches replies based on the in-reply-to header as well as the token in the body
    • Failure Notifications  –  If the service fails to process an email, the failed email is attached to the notification (instead of being added to the body of the notification email)
    • * No impact on Day 1  –  The new email service is available but will not be automatically enabled in version 11.3. ITS will engage administrators to plan, schedule, test and execute migration to the new email process. All ticketing apps will need to migrate to the new process by the release of 11.4, expected in Fall 2021
  • Location and Room Lookup Custom Attributes  –  Administrators can create Location lookup and Room lookup custom attributes everywhere that custom attributes are supported. These will allow users to choose a Location or a Location + Room combination for any custom attribute value
  • Custom Attribute Choices  –  The TDAdmin page for managing custom attributes has a new Choices tab, which allows you to more easily add choices, add multiple choices at once, and copy dependencies from existing choices (for attribute types that support custom attribute dependencies)
  • Feed Enhancements
    • Hyperlinks are no longer truncated in the Feed
    • The available actions for a feed entry are selectable from all areas that the feed entry can display
      • The type of actions available is still dependent on the type of feed entry; for example Asset feed entries cannot be marked as private because assets are not visible in the client portal
  • Site Map  –  A Site Map has been added to the Client Portal in order to better meet the WCAG 2.0 AA standard.  Day 1 Impact: A link to the Site Map has been added to the default client portal footer. This link will not be automatically added to the footer for organizations that have customized the client portal footer. TeamDynamix recommends updating your customized client portal footer to include a link to the site map, to better conform with WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility guideline
  • Report Builder Group Filters  –  New filter operators have been added to the report builder. When using a column that filters on groups (e.g., Resp Group or Prim Resp Group in the Tickets report source), new operators are available to search based on the group's manager or assigned user. These support filtering to the current user.
  • Report Builder Help Text  –  The help text for each Report Source is now available from the New Report page
  • HTML Attributes added to screen reader HTML attributes list. This applies to Knowledge Articles with Complex images (infographics, diagrams, org charts), Tables with links inside them, or complex images (infographics, diagrams, org charts). The following are now allowed in RichText content: 
    • role
    • aria-label
    • aria-labeledby
    • aria-describedby
    • aria-hidden
    • aria-expanded
    • aria-haspopup


  • API Service Accounts  –  Administrators can now define two types of Service Accounts to use with the API. Service Accounts have permissions and application access like a user, but cannot log in to TDNext or TDClient and do not use a license. Admin Service Accounts use a Web Services Key to access the API and have full permissions. Existing Web Service Keys will be automatically converted to Admin Service Accounts
  • API Changes
    • The Assign Ticket Workflow endpoint has been added
    • The Service Offering attribute has been added to the Ticket, Project, and Project Request objects. It is settable in endpoints where Service is also settable
    • The GET /api/{appId}/services/{id} endpoint will now include a list of Service Offerings on the service. This will not include the full details of every Service Offering, but each offering will have a Uri property that points to the single-Offering details endpoint
    • A new GET /api/{appId}/services/{serviceId]/offerings/{id}api/{appId}/servicesofferings/{id} endpoint has been added to get the full details of one Service Offering
    • Fixed a bug where the GET api/attributes/custom endpoint did not return custom attributes in the standard format and was not documented
    • The Add Custom Attribute Choice endpoint has added support for copying dependencies from an existing attribute
    • [Added in 11.2 Maintenance Release]  –  A new GET /api/feed/{id} endpoint allows for retrieval of the full details of a feed entry

Deprecated Features impacting U-M TDX

  • Ending Support for Internet Explorer  –  As of version 11.3, TeamDynamix will no longer support Internet Explorer
  • Removing Private Team  –  The “Private Team” feature within the Projects/Workspaces application will be removed in version 11.4. Any files, issues, calendar events, etc. within the Private Team will no longer be accessible
  • Removing Support for Generic API URLs  –  Starting August 1, 2021, TeamDynamix will no longer support connecting to the application or API using generic URLs such as or If you have built any integrations using these URLs, or if any of your users are accessing TeamDynamix via a generic URL, please use your specific TeamDynamix URL going forward
  • Removing Likes and Replies from Get Multiple Feed Entries Endpoints  –  Starting August 1, 2021, the Likes and Replies information will be omitted from API endpoints that retrieve multiple Feed entries. This information is available in the GET /api/feed/{id} endpoint

Additional Information

If you find any bugs, or have questions about the preview environment, please contact the Service Support Team using this form:




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