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How do I use Remote Office Hours Queue to meet with attendees?

Remote Office Hours Queue as a Host Training Video

Remote Office Hours Queue as an Attendees Training Video


  1. Navigate to the Manage page for the queue (click on the queue from
  2. Make sure your queue is in Open status so that attendees can join (Queue Status toggle is blue and says "Open"--if not, click the toggle to open your queue). Attendees can only join your queue if it is open
  3. Scroll down to Meetings in Queue. If there are attendees waiting to meet with you, they will appear here. See Additional Information below for detailed information on the fields in Meetings in Queue
    • If your queue is empty and you'd like to get a notification if someone joins your queue so you don't miss them, enable host SMS notifications. You will receive a SMS (text) message when an attendee joins your empty queue
    • You can manually add an attendee to the queue instead of them joining on their own, if necessary
  4. OPTIONAL: To see when an attendee joined the queue, the agenda they added (if any), and information for you to call in to the meeting on a phone if the meeting type is Zoom, click Join Info. Call-in information will only show once the meeting has been created
  5. Click Assign to Host... and assign the meeting to a host. If you are the only host of the queue, meetings are automatically assigned to you. Assigning a host is required
  6. The assigned host will now see the option to click Create Meeting (if the meeting type is Zoom) or Ready for Attendee (if the meeting type is In Person). Click Create Meeting/Ready for Attendee to tell the attendee that you are ready to meet with them and, if applicable, create the Zoom meeting. The meeting will now move up the page to Meetings in Progress.
    • If the attendee has enabled SMS notifications, they will receive an SMS message when you click Create Meeting/Ready for Attendee. The message tells them that it is their turn.
    • If the meeting type is Zoom, the attendee now sees information on how to join the meeting and is prompted to join the meeting
  7. Start the meeting:
    • If the meeting will be over Zoom, click on Join Meeting as Host. This will open the meeting in Zoom
      • You may be prompted to sign in. Click Sign in to Start and sign in with U-M Weblogin
      • The assigned host sees a button to Join Meeting as Host. To use this link for Zoom, you must sign in to the U-M Zoom account of the assigned host. Other hosts of the queue see a button to Join Meeting as Guest. This button does not require signing in to the U-M Zoom account of the assigned host. The assigned host must first start the meeting before attendees or other hosts can join the meeting
    • If the meeting will be In-Person, the attendee can see that you are ready for them on their side (and received an SMS message if they opted in to SMS messages) and should arrive at the location that you designated for in-person meetings. You do not need to do anything in Remote Office Hours Queue to start the in-person meeting
  8. Conduct the meeting in Zoom or in-person
    • The assigned host of the meeting has host privileges in Zoom and can record the meeting or take other actions that hosts can take in any other Zoom meeting that they host
  9. Once you are done meeting with the attendee (and you have ended the meeting in Zoom, if applicable), return to your queue in Remote Office Hours Queue
  10. Click the red trash icon next to the attendee you just met with to mark their meeting as completed. This helps other hosts know that you are done meeting with this attendee and are available to meet with other attendees
  11. Repeat steps 5-10 for each attendee

Remote Office Hours Queue as a Host Training Video

Remote Office Hours Queue as an Attendees Training Video

Additional Information

For in-depth descriptions of the Meetings in Queue and Meetings in Progress tables, refer to the Remote Office Hours Queue - Host documentation.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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