TeamDynamix Upgrade 11.2 10/10/2020



TeamDynamix is upgrading from version 11.1 to version 11.2 on Saturday 10/10/2020.

  • what to expect during the upgrade
  • how to see the 11.2 before 10/10/2020
  • how TeamDynamix 11.2 will be different from 11.1


What to expect during the upgrade

  • The Upgrade will occur 12AM - 4AM Saturday October 10th. TeamDynamix will be unavailable during this time.
  • TeamDynamix will be available for regular use during the day on Saturday 10/10, beginning at 4AM.  
  • Emails sent to email monitors during the upgrade will queue, and be processed after the upgrade is complete. 
  • APIs will not be available during the upgrade. If you or your team has APIs to TDX, please take any necessary action to ensure all expected processing will occur.
  • Notifications sent from TDX will also queue and be sent once services have resumed.

How to see and test 11.2 before 10/10/2020

How TeamDynamix 11.2 will be different from 11.1

Knowledge Base Enhancements

  • A new “View Articles Regardless of Status” security role permission allows users to view articles in any status without removing group-based restrictions. This new role allows users to see all articles within relevant areas of the knowledge base, without having the ability to see unpublished articles to which they are not permitted.
  • When you mark an article as Archived, you can now choose a Replacement Article to redirect anyone who tries to access the archived article.
  • When editing an article, the Subject field has been moved to the Settings tab. All fields on the Content tab are now related to the specific draft that you are editing.
  • The Article Search page will now allow you to search for articles in multiple statuses at once.  (Currently you can only search for one status at a time.)

General Enhancements

  • TeamDynamix will notify everyone in a feed thread whenever someone comments on or replies to that thread. When a notification is sent to multiple people, they expect that their replies will be sent to all people who were originally notified. Previously, those replies were only sent to people who had commented on that feed entry. 
  • Client users can now be selected for email report delivery. This allows you to send reports to stakeholders who do not have TDNext access without using a license or creating a TDNext user account. Note: Select to view “Both” employees and Non Employees to see all the people you can email reports to
  • Users can now sort attachments by Date or by Name. Attachments on Tickets, Issues, Risks, Project Tasks, and Events are sorted by Date by default.
  • If you find any bugs, or have questions about the preview environment, please contact the Service Support Team using this form:

Administrator Enhancements

  • A default footer has been defined for client portals. This will add the text “Powered by TeamDynamix” and a link to to the base of the client portal. This change takes place automatically, if you don’t already have a client portal footer defined. If you would like to remove the default footer, a checkbox is available in TDAdmin > Applications > [Client Portal Application] > Setting
  • Working in the People app is now WCAG 2.0 AA compliant in TDNext. This includes working with People, Accounts/Departments, and Resource Pools.

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Submit a request here ITS-TeamDynamix Support


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