Online Discussion Tools Matrix


The University of Michigan ITS supported Discussion Tools on Canvas and outside of Canvas 


How to get answers to general questions about available discussion tools, such as:

  • What online discussion tools are available?
  • Is there a comparison matrix for online discussion tools?
  • Which discussion tool has the ability to embed presentations, videos, and photos?
  • Which discussion tool can display threaded replies?
  • Which discussion tool allows anonymous discussions?
  • Which discussion tool is capable of SSO with U-M account?
  • Which discussion tool is capable of searchable posts?
  • Which discussion tool allows taggable posts?
  • Is there a discussion tool that supports discussion analytics?
  • Is there a discussion tool that has the ability to see who is online?
  • What are the discussion tools that can be embedded in Canvas and/or have a FERPA agreement?
  • Is there a discussion tool that is integrated with Canvas?


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