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Can a specific assignment, quiz, rubrics, etc. be copied from one course to another?


Important: importing the same course content more than once will overwrite any existing content in the course. If you already copied an assignment, quiz, rubric, etc. from another course copying it from the same course again will overwrite any changes you made. If you would rather create a copy of a content item please see the How To Create A Duplicate Copy Of Canvas Content article. 

Note: You will need to be listed as a Teacher, TA, or Designer for both courses. A Canvas subaccount admin is also able to copy content.

Copy Multiple Content Items

  1. Access the course in which you would like to copy content to
  2. Go into course Settings (lower left)
  3. Choose Import Course Content (right side)
  4. Choose Copy a Canvas Course from the drop down
  5. Select the course that contains the content you want to copy
  6. Check the box Select Specific Content 
  7. Click Import
  8. It may take a couple minutes to process the job and then click the Select Content button
  9. Check only the boxes next to the content items you would like to copy into the course, then click Select Content (new quizzes are listed under Assignments and classic quizzes are listed under Quizzes)

See the Instructure guide How do I select specific content as part of a course import?

Note: Individual copied assignments are placed into an assignment group called "Imported Assignments". There isn't a way to tell Canvas to automatically place the assignment(s) into other assignment groups, however the assignments can be moved into another group after the copy completes. This is an import limitation in Canvas, see the Instructure guide What is the Course Import Tool?

Copy Individual Content Item

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How do I copy a module to another course?

Additional Information

For additional questions, please contact the ITS Service Center

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