Does U-M Provide Mobile WiFi Hotspots, Home Internet Service, or Reimbursement?


University of Michigan Faculty, Staff, and Students


  • Does U-M provide mobile WiFi hotspots for those working at home or traveling
  • Does U-M provide free or paid internet / WiFi services to the homes of employees and students?
  • Does U-M reimburse for internet at home?


WiFi Hotspots

  • Generally U-M does not provide mobile WiFi hotspots through any university-wide program; Information and Technology Services (ITS) does not provide them
  • Individual schools, and units may have other arrangements; students and employees may inquire with their department

Internet / WiFi Services

  • U-M ITS operates in-building networks (WiFi and wired Ethernet) for the U-M campus, as noted in the coverage map
  •  ITS does not operate networks in private residences


Additional Information 

ITS has recommendations on how to improve your home internet.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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