TeamDynamix Request Forms not Currently Limited by Role


U-M TeamDynamix


TeamDynamix Request forms that are available to everyone, but should be limited by role


Short term - If an ineligible individual submits a form, politely inform them they are not eligible to submit that type of request. Redirect them to how they can get the help they need.

Long term - These forms will be locked down by role.

Additional Information

Service Form Name Form should be available to
Google Cloud Platform at U-M* GCP New and Modify  faculty, regular staff, temp staff and sponsored
HPC Compute Resource Request* Request HPC Compute Resources Authenticated users
Major Incident Management* SI Text Notifications ITS only
Microsoft Azure at U-M* Azure Modify faculty, regular staff, temp staff and sponsored
MiDesktop* MiDesktop Modify Base Image Authenticated users
MiDesktop* MiDesktop Delete Pool Authenticated users
MiDesktop* MiDesktop Delete Base Image Authenticated users
MiDesktop* MiDesktop New Order Form Authenticated users
MiDesktop* MiDesktop Modify Pool Authenticated users
MiWorkspace Asset Tag and Asset Record* MiWorkspace Create Asset Tag and Request Asset Record ITS only
MiWorkspace Computer Model Certification* MiWorkspace Computer Model Certification ITS only
MiWorkspace Refresh* MiWorkspace Refresh ITS only
MiWorkspace Update Asset Location MiWorkspace Update Asset Location ITS only
MPrint Hardware deployment* Deploy Printer Hardware ITS-MiWorkspaceEngineeringPrint
TeamDynamix VIP* Add/Remove VIP Status ITS only


For assistance, submit a request here: ITS-TeamDynamix Support.

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