TeamDynamix Upgrade 11.9 5/11/2024


TeamDynamix Production ( , Sandbox ( , and Sandbox 2 ( & Impacts Project and Portfolio Management and all Ticketing and Asset Applications


The TeamDynamix upgrade to version 11.9 will be released 5/11/2024. Information on impacts, new and changed features and issues are tracked here. 


Upgrade Outage and Impacts

4/23/24     Preview environment available (copy of Prod with 11.9 upgrade applied)

5/10/24      Sandbox and Sandbox 2 upgraded to 11.9 (unavailable all day)

5/11/24      Production upgraded to 11.9 (unavailable during the regular TeamDynamix nightly maintenance window)


Technician Impacts

  • The ticket feed includes a new communications filter. Click the new button to limit the feed to user communications and notes. Users can choose to see the communication feeds within their profile settings. 
  • Last feed entry options are added to ticket reporting sources: Last Communication Comment, Last Communication User, Last Communication Email, Last Feed Entry, and Last Feed Entry user. 
  • The Date/Time picker is updated to use a new style. 
  • When adding a task template to a ticket, the checkbox 'Remove all existing tasks' is unchecked by default. Users need to check it in order to remove existing tasks. 
  • When creating and editing a ticket schedule, the assets lookup field allows for entering multiple assets.
  • Knowledge Base articles have a Print Article button that opens a formatted print view of the article, and users can select the sections that they would like to print.
  • Technicians are able to set their signature. A new form will be available to allow individuals to create, update or remove a signature that is automatically added to new comments and/or replies to tickets and tasks. 

Administrator Impacts

  • URLS are rendered as hyperlinks For notification templates that contain a summary section table, this causes notifications to shrink to the size of the URL.
    • WORK AROUND:  For notification templates that contain a summary section table. Add the tag, <table width="100%">, before the table section above "<!-- Spacing Row -->". Reference our notification template doc
  • For TDX Global Admins Only: The Email Signatures page in TDAdmin contains a list view of common images from emails, and allows blocking these images.
    • Image blocking. Effective June 2024 images that contain punctuation only (no image/icon/text) will be blocked by default  The threshhold for min number of tickets is set at 300.  Other images will be blocked upon request. As of v 11.9 in May 2024, s list view of the common images from emails, is available. This list allows for the blocking of images so they will no longer be added to the attachments section on items. This list applies to all U-M TDX applications, so is managed by the TDX global admins in ITS. 
  • Automatic detection of duplicate images on the same item occurs automatically.  Images are defined by TDX as  .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png
  • When editing a choice, approval, or task step within the workflow builder in TDAdmin, a recurring notification reminder can be set to remind the assignee until the step is completed. Administrators can also customize a new "Ticket Workflow Step Reminder" notification template for these notifications.
  • Knowledge Base articles send notification reminders about upcoming review dates by default in production environments. This can be changed within the article settings. Within the Settings for a Client Portal application in TDAdmin, admin users can set the interval at which these reminder notifications are sent. The default interval is 14 days before the review date.
  • A new setting is added to the client portal application to set a default value for the "Notify Owner on Feedback" option on new articles.
  • A new property, isCommunication, is added to API endpoints for TeamDynamix.Api.Feed.ItemUpdate and TeamDynamix.Api.Feed.FeedEntry classes, in order to classify feed entries as Communication-type. New properties for the technician signature are added to the People API to view or set the technician signature:
    • POST /api/people
    • GET /api/people/{uid}
    • PATCH /api/people/{uid}
    • POST /api/people/{uid}

Deprecated Features


Database Changes

See the TeamDynamix Database Tables and Changes Between Releases article (TeamDynamix Portal login required) for documentation related to database changes between version 11.8 and 11.9.

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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