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Teaching Evaluations (Blue by Explorance)


Are there Teaching Evaluations in Canvas?


Teaching Evaluations follow the standard U-M process: students receive an email when the evaluations open and reminder emails every other day until the evaluations closes.

In addition, in about 85% of courses, students and instructors will see a link to Teaching Evaluations is in the left navigation of their course. (The tool is not available in Business and Medical School courses, as they use an alternative source for evaluations.) Students and instructors can also link to Teaching Evaluations while they're in Canvas by clicking Accounts in the left-hand menu and then clicking Settings. They'll see the Teaching Evaluations link in the left-hand navigation.

Instructors can view their real-time response rates by accessing their Teaching Evaluation dashboard. The response rates are only visible during the evaluation period.

Additional information and support can be found at the Office at the Registrar

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