Embed MiVideo Into a Qualtrics Survey




How can I embed a MiVideo video into a question on a Qualtrics survey?


Note: Embed code can only be retrieved from a MiVideo Mediaspace (this feature is not available in Canvas). If you uploaded the video to your My Media from within Canvas, you can locate the embed code using the MiVideo Mediaspace at https://www.mivideo.it.umich.edu/

  1. Login to the Mediaspace
  2. Navigate to your My Media library (click on your name dropdown at the top right)
  3. Search for the video you want to use and click on the video title
  4. Select the Share tab under the player
  5. Select the Embed tab
  6. Choose the player skin
    • Recommended: The first player includes closed captions (if available) but does not include the transcript widget
    • The second player includes the transcript widget
  7. Select the player size
    • If you selected the player with the transcript widget use the taller player size
  8. Turn on Responsive Sizing
  9. Copy the embed code from the box at the top
  10. Edit the question in your Qualtrics survey
  11. Click the html icon in the text editor or click the HTML View tab in the upper right
  12. Paste the copied embed code
  13. Click the html icon or the Normal View tab to exit

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