KMC Admin: Add And Delete KMC Admin


Kaltura Management Console (KMC)


As a KMC admin, can I add a colleague as an admin on the KMC?

Can I delete a former colleague who no longer needs admin access?


Adding and removing KMC admins are reserved for the ITS-MiVideo team. Request admin changes by placing a ticket with the ITS Service Center.

ITS-MiVideo tracks all KMC admin accounts and which Mediaspace they support. There are a limited number of admin accounts available per KMC, therefore access is only granted to those who need access for their work and only after completing the required training. Due to the limited accounts and security reasons, ITS-MiVideo removes admin accounts who no longer need access to the KMC.

Deleting an admin account can cause issues by disassociating their media so they can no longer access it. ITS-MiVideo can safely remove admin access.

Additional Information

For additional questions, please contact the ITS Service Center

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