TeamDynamix Upgrade 11.8 10/28/2023


TeamDynamix Production ( , Sandbox ( , and Sandbox 2 ( & Impacts Project and Portfolio Management and all Ticketing and Asset Applications


The TeamDynamix upgrade to version 11.8 will be released 10/28/2023. Information on impacts, new and changed features and issues are tracked here. 


Upgrade Outage and Impacts

10/10/23      Preview environment available (copy of Prod with 11.8 upgrade applied)

10/27/23      Sandbox and Sandbox 2 upgraded to 11.8 (unavailable all day)

10/28/23      Production upgraded to 11.8 (unavailable during the regular TeamDynamix nightly maintenance window)


Technician Impacts

  • Tickets can be assigned or reassigned using the "Update" function 

  • When a user adds or removes an attachment or tag as its own action an entry will be added to the ticket feed. When the user adds or removes an attachment as part of another action that generates a feed entry, the attachment and tag changes will be included in the feed entry.

  • Reports will have an "Hour" display format. Reports with date/time values can now be formatted by time of day, along with existing Week, Month, and Year. This enables reporting based on when events are occurring. 

  • Reports can be shared with individuals as well as groups. Access this setting under Owner and Visibility within the Edit page of a Report Builder report, with the other sharing options. Individual people and groups can be selected in the same lookup field.

  • Improved charts and graphs, including in reports

  • Client Asset Details: Client users can now view a dedicated Asset Details page for assets they have access to.

Administrator Impacts

  • 1400+ new icons are available in the Font Awesome icon picker. User-selected and system icons throughout TeamDynamix have been updated to the current version of Font Awesome. 
  • Manage Report Folders in TDAdmin - A new Report Folders page has been added to TDAdmin. Here, Administrators can edit and delete report folders and change their owners.

Deprecated Features

Pages and Desktop Modules with Charts Removed

The following pages with charts have been removed: 

  • Total Login History (previously only visible as TDSysAdmin for on premise environments)

The following desktop modules have been removed. They will be automatically removed from existing desktops that include these modules. 

  • Average Bill Rate by Month  
  • Chargeability by Month 
  • Profit by Month  
  • Current Projects by Health  
  • Current Projects by Status 
  • Hours by Time Type  
  • All Requests Chart 
  • Approved Requests 
  • Open Tickets Chart 

Charts have been removed from the following standard reports: 

  • Bill Rate Report
  • Chargeability Report
  • Profit Report
  • Hours Summary Report 
  • Projects vs. Tickets Report 
  • Issue Aging Report

Database Changes

See the TeamDynamix Database Tables and Changes Between Releases article (TeamDynamix Portal login required) for documentation related to database changes between version 11.7 and 11.8.

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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