My Recently Visited Services

IT support for the Industrial and Operations Engineering department.

Eligible students, faculty, and staff are provided online file storage to support their use of CAEN’s desktop computing environments, also known as a "CAEN Home Directory."

Instructor requests for access to the Peerceptiv peer-to-peer feedback learning tool.

The Windows Remote Desktop Service allows eligible individuals at Michigan Engineering to remotely access the CAEN Lab Software Environment (CLSE) for Windows.

CAEN has a site license that provides educational use of Camtasia to interested U-M faculty, whose administrative home is within Michigan Engineering.

Departmental IT support for Michigan Robotics.

Requests for the International Programs in Engineering Office.

IT support for the Aerospace Engineering department.

Access requests and additional support for College of Engineering users of the U-M GitHub Copilot service.

CAEN provides the Michigan Engineering community with access to a particular set of computing resources designated for instructional or course-related use.

The CAEN Help Desk is Michigan Engineering’s main computing and IT support contact. Consultants are available to answer your questions about accessing CAEN computer labs, classroom technology, software, and other Engineering computing services.

IT support for the departments and units that fall under Michigan Engineering Administration and the Dean's Office.

IT support for the University of Michigan Battery Lab.

The CAEN Linux Remote Login Service allows eligible individuals at the Michigan Engineering to remotely access the CAEN Lab Software Environment (CLSE) for Linux.

CAEN offers licenses to College of Engineering faculty instructors for a utility called AirParrot, which allows those using a Windows-based device to wirelessly connect to the Apple TVs in Engineering classrooms in order to display content on the screen(s).

Desktop support for Nexus and ISD.

CAEN computer labs are collaborative areas in Michigan Engineering spaces where students conduct Engineering course-related, instructional work on desktop computers operated by CAEN.

IT support for the Center for Healthcare Engineering and Patient Safety department.

Departmental IT support for Biomedical Engineering.

CAEN offers a Web Publishing Service to Michigan Engineering administrative units, academic departments, research labs and centers, and faculty using WordPress for managing content.

Departmental IT support for Materials Science and Engineering.

Departmental IT support for Chemical Engineering.

Depending on an application’s licensing terms and one’s role at the University of Michigan, individuals may not be able to access certain software in the CAEN Lab Software Environment (CLSE). Those who would not otherwise be eligible to these licenses by default may request access below.

IT support for the Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering department.

The CAEN Lab Software Environment (CLSE) is the desktop computing experience for students using CAEN computers. It is available for Microsoft Windows and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and is designed to enable ease of use and enhance productivity for Michigan Engineering students performing course work and academic research.