How do I import a MiQuizMaker quiz into Canvas?

Please note: At this time, MiQuizMaker .QTI files are only compatible with Canvas Classic Quizzes.

You can export a quiz from MiQuizMaker as a file from the My Quizzes page or the Quiz Overview page.

1. From either page, select Export QTI button next to the quiz you would like to export. The downlad will begin immediately.

List view of quizzes

Export QTI button

2. Navigate to the homepage for the Canvas course where you would like to upload the quiz.

3. Within your Canvas course's homepage, select "Import Existing Content" from the right hand menu.

Import existing content button

4. On the import screen, select " file" from the drop down menu.

content type dropdown

5. Leave all other settings as they appear by default (Default Question bank should read, "Select Question bank"; Import assessment content as New Quizzes should NOT be checked; Overwrite assessment content with matching ID's should NOT be checked).

Import content options

6. Click "Choose File" and navigate to the file you downloaded from MiQuizMaker. Select the file using the file picker.

7. Click "Import".

import content options

8. The import will appear under "Current Jobs". It may take 1 - 2 minutes for the quiz upload to complete.

9. Once the quiz has uploaded, you can preview the quiz by selecting "Quizzes" from the course navigation menu. The quiz will appear on the quizzes page with the MiQuizMaker quiz name you chose, not the file name.

10. Click "Preview". This will look similar to the build/view toggle in MiQuizMaker.


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