How can I gain access to manage the lecture recordings for my department or group?

You will need to contact CAEN, so we can add you as a permitted user to the appropriate sites. Note that when instructors in your department request a lecture recording site, they can include your U-M uniqname (or an MCommunity group) to be added as a manager of the site.

We recommend that groups who want to support multiple sites for faculty create an Mcommunity group, and add any individuals to that group that would be managing the recordings. Then communicate with the owners of the site to either add that group when they request the new recording site, or add it after site creation by following these instructions. This way, if anyone ever needs to be granted access (or access needs to be removed) to manage the recording site, they can simply be added (or removed) to that MCommunity group.

Unfortunately, we do not have department-level permissions built into the lecture recording system.

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