How do I grant additional users access to be able to view or manage the recordings on my CAEN Lecture Recording site?

  • On the bottom-left of the page, you will see a Permissions box, with two tabs labeled Viewers and Managers:

  • Click the appropriate tab for the type of access you would like to grant:
    • Viewers: Users who can only view the recordings on the individual site.
    • Managers: Users who can manage/edit the recordings on the site. Checking the owner box will also designate them as an official contact for the site, and they will receive important email messages from the system.
  • For Viewers permissions, you will see two options:
    Add People & Groups: Enter the U-M uniqname(s), U-M Friend Accounts, and MCommunity groups you would like to be able to view. You can also enter *any in the text box to allow any authenticated U-M user access by default, or *anynofriends to allow any authenticated U-M user, but exclude friend accounts.

Add Course Access: Select the relevant details for additional course sections you would like to grant viewer access:

  • Be sure to click the blue Save button at the bottom of the page when you are finished.


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