How do I add a list of my department's news articles from the College News Center?

The CoE News widget displays up to three articles with date, article title, and a link to more information. The news articles are obtained from the main College of Engineering News Center, and may be filtered based on department, topic, and other criteria.

To add the widget to your site, first navigate to the widgets panel by going to your site's Dashboard and selecting Appearance, then Widgets:

Drag the CoE News widget to the Left Sidebar or Right Sidebar area, depending on where you'd like it to appear. Under Title:, enter the desired title you'd like to appear at the top of the widget:

Then open a new browser window, and go to the College News Center. Use the menu to navigate to news about your department or a specific news topic:

Copy and paste the resulting URL that appears in the browser's bar after finding news about your department or topic, place it into the CoE News widget News URL: area, and click the Save button.


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