How do I log in and access my WordPress website to make edits?

CAEN's WordPress service uses Google accounts to manage access to website dashboards. There are two ways to begin accessing your website for editing:

  • Click the LOGIN button in the bottom-right corner of any page on your site:


  • Or, enter the site's main URL with /wp-admin appended to the end.

caen url with /wp-admin

For example, if your website URL were, you would enter the following URL to edit the site:

After either of the steps above, you will be prompted to connect to Google. Click on the Sign in with Google button (shown below), and click Accept if prompted:

wordpress login

If you are already logged into the Google account associated with your WordPress website (in most cases your U-M Google account), you will be prompted to choose that account. Otherwise, you will need to log in with your credentials when prompted.

Note: If you receive a "Registration is now closed" error, it means you are attempting to access your WordPress website while logged into a Google account that is different from the one associated with your site.

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