Why do I receive a "Registration is now closed" error when attempting to log into my WordPress site?

Many people at the University of Michigan have more than one Google account:

  1. A U-M Google account associated with their uniqname@umich.edu email address, and
  2. One or more personal Google accounts, like those associated with gmail.com email addresses

CAEN's WordPress service uses Google accounts for authentication, so it is important to be logged into the correct account associated with a WordPress website when attempting to make edits (in most cases you will use your U-M Google account). Otherwise, one may see the following error:

Registration now closed

In these situations, it is necessary to first log into the correct Google account, and try to access the site again. If you are logged into more than one Google account in the same browser, you will either be given the option to choose the account they want to use, or will need to "switch accounts" within your browser before attempting to access a site. To be sure you are using the correct account, you can also try opening a private session in your browser (e.g. an incognito window in Google Chrome) to force authentication.

More information on using multiple Google accounts at once can be found on the Google Accounts Help page.

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