How do I configure top navigation menu of my site?

To configure the top navigation menu, go to your site's Dashboard and click on Appearance, then select Menus:

You will then be taken to a page that lists the items currently in the site's Menu Structure. To the left of this, you will see a box with tabs that indicate the different types of items you can add to your menu:

Specifically, you can search for and add menu items that link to:

  • Pages - A specific page on your site
  • Posts - A specific post on your site
  • Profiles - A specific profile on your site
  • Custom Links - A URL that exists outside of your site (or for individual files uploaded to the Media section of the site)
  • Categories - A list of posts in a specific category
  • Tags - A list of posts with a specific tag

To add Pages, Posts, Profiles, Categories or Tags

  • Click the tab of the type of item you wish to add to the menu to expand it. For example, the image above shows Pages expanded. 
  • Locate the item using the “Most Recent”, “View All”, or “Search” tabs.
  • Check the box next to the item title.
  • Click Add to Menu
  • Click Save Menu

To add a Custom Link:

  • To link to an external website to your menu, click Custom Links.
  • Enter the URL of the site you want to direct to and a title to appear in the navigation menu.
  • Click Add to Menu.

The menu item will be automatically added to the end of the menu structure. Drag/drop it to the desired location in the menu to change the order. Once the item is placed where you want it make sure to click the blue Save Menu button.

Note: When editing the menu, sub-items are denoted by their indentation. If an item that you add is indented to the right of an item above it, then it will appear in the menu as a sub-item. You can organize sub-items using the same click then drag/drop method when moving items up and down the menu, but instead move them left or right of the above items.


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