Why can't I save any files to my CAEN Home Directory?

You may be unable to copy or save files to your CAEN Home Directory for one of two reasons:

  1. The file in question is large enough such that you will exceed your storage quota. In this case, there is not enough room in your CAEN Home Directory to save the file. You should check your quota, and clear out some space in order to continue.
    Note: While your CAEN Home Directory is convenient for storing settings and files when working on CAEN computers, for long term storage of larger files CAEN recommends individuals use their U-M cloud storage services via Kumo.
  2. The file may be infected with a known virus or malware. The storage server uses anti-virus software to scan all files as they are copied to the server. If a file is infected, you will not be allowed to save the file.


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Tue 5/4/21 2:50 PM
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