How do I check the quota usage for my Windows Home Directory?

CAEN Windows Home Directories provide a total of a 50 GB quota for storing files. To see how much space is being used out of your quota, follow these steps:

  1. For students, log into a computer running the Windows CAEN Lab Software Environment (CLSE), either in a CAEN computer lab or via the Windows Remote Desktop Service. Faculty and staff can use this same process when using computers running the Engineering Base Desktop (EBD).
  2. Navigate into the N: network drive to see the full list of files and folders in your space.
  3. Select All (Ctrl-a) to highlight the full list, right-click, and choose Properties.
  4. The total space used out of your quota will be listed under Size, for example:

Note: Depending on the number of files and folders, it may take some time for the total space usage to be calculated.


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