How do I connect my device to the digital capture whiteboard?

Note: This article concerns digital whiteboards available in some CAEN computer labs. If you are an instructor interested in recording the whiteboard in your classroom, please refer to this article.

Connecting to the whiteboard requires the use of the SMART kapp app, available for iOS and Android. Once installed, one can sync to a specific board in a few ways:

Whiteboard Features

Connecting by QR code

  • Note: Make sure to enable your device's camera to scan the QR code on the board. Bluetooth should also be enabled.
  • Start the SMART kapp app on your mobile device.
  • Hold your mobile device‚Äôs camera still over the board's QR code so that the QR code appears in the center of the app screen. The app will automatically connect your mobile device to the board.
  • If the app doesn't connect immediately, try moving your mobile device closer or farther from the board so it can focus on the QR code.

Connecting by Board ID

  • Note: Each SMART kapp board has a unique Board ID that you can use to connect your mobile device manually.
  • Locate the board's 10-character ID next to the the QR code.
  • Start the SMART kapp app on your mobile device.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap Advanced, and then tap Connect Manually.
  • Type the Board ID in the Enter ID box.
  • Tap Connect, and the app will sync your mobile device to the board.


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