How do I add transcripts or captions to my lecture recordings?

The CAEN Lecture Capture Service provides two types of caption systems:

  • Machine-Generated - Machine-generated captions are provided by AWS Transcribe, which uses speech-to-text technology to convert spoken work to text. While not 100% accurate, it provides a starting point for updating captions manually later.
  • Custom Captions - With this option, you can use one of two third-party caption file formats: WebVTT or SRT. This is a manual process.


Requesting Machine-Generated Captions

There are two ways to request machine-generated captions, each with an optional review process:

1) For individual recordings:

  • Click Edit for the particular recording in which you wish to add captions:

  • Click the Captions tab:

  • Click Machine-Generated, then click the blue Request Automatic Captions button:

2) For an entire recording site (Note that only recordings made after you change this setting will have captions generated):

  • Log into the Lecture Recording Management page.
  • Click My Sites at the top of the page.
  • Find the recording site you wish to configure, and click Site Info:

  • In the Default Options box, there are two options related to captioning:
    • Machine-Generated Captions- Using this drop-down, select how captions will be generated using the AWS Transcribe service:
      • Off
      • Always Create, Hold for Review
      • Always Create, Approve Immediately
    • Email when captions are ready to review - Owners and Managers for the site (including MCommunity groups) will be email when captions are generated that need approval.

Depending on the length of the recording, it may take around 30 minutes for the AWS Transcribe service to generate captions. Once completed, it is recommended that you review them for accuracy. If you request them for an individual recording, or choose Always Create, Hold for Review for a recording site, you will need to edit the captions in the viewer to review and make any changes.


Enabling & Importing Custom Captions

For custom captions, you will need to provide a caption file either in WebVTT or SRT format for each individual recording. If you need a copy of the recording to submit to a captioning service, you can download a recording by following the steps in this knowledge base article.

  • Click Edit for the particular recording in which you wish to add captions:

  • Click the Captions tab:

  • Click Custom Captions:

  • In the Raw Caption Text box, paste in the contents of your caption file, and click the blue Save button:


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