How do I create a Multiple Choice question in MiQuizMaker?

In MiQuizMaker, this question type allows the instructor to create a multiple choice question. 

1. When creating a New Question in MiQuizMaker, choose Multiple-Choice. 

2. If desired, give the Question a name. If you don't choose a name for the question, by default, MiQuizMaker will use the first line of text from the first problem statement. MiQuizMaker will periodically auto-save as you work on your quiz content. 

3. Under the Question Statement section enter the multiple choice statement, or question. If desired, add more Question Statements by clicking +Add Question Statement. 

  • If a user adds multiple question statements, the resulting quiz will randomize which question students receive. When adding multiple question statements, ensure the correct answer is the same for each question statement. 

4. Under Answer(s) find Correct Answer(s) and enter the correct answer on the blank line. If there is more than one correct answer click +Add Correct Answer. 

5. Under Answer(s) find Incorrect Answer(s) and enter the incorrect answer options on the blank lines. If more incorrect answer options are needed, click +Add Incorrect Answer. 

6. Remove correct or incorrect answer(s) by clicking the -icon to the right of the answer. 

7. To the right of the Answer(s) section, find the Total text box. Enter how many answer options students should see for this question. 

Example: If the total is set to 4, the user will see 1 correct and 3 incorrect answer options on this question of the quiz. The user can increase or decrease the number of answer options provided, but cannot go lower than 2 (1 correct, 1 incorrect). 

8. Optionally, the instructor can adjust their multiple choice question to have multiple versions by clicking on +Convert to Multiple Versions at the bottom of the page. 

  • You can only have one Question Statement when converting to Multiple Versions mode. When converting from Single-Version Mode to Multiple-Version Mode, an error message will populate if there is more than one question statement. If you receive this error message, delete all but one Question Statement. 
  • Multiple versions allow you to provide two separate questions, each with their own correct or incorrect answer options. The quiz will then randomly select which question(s) are shared with the students. Use the Pick text box to identify how many of the questions will be randomly selected of the questions provided as part of the quiz. 

Example: If you are testing knowledge of what happens to pressure in a body of water when an object ascends or descends, you could create multiple versions of the question statement that tests the same concept. You can then direct MiQuizMaker to include only 1 of these questions on each student's randomized quiz. 

  • Question Statement A: When you descend in a body of water, the pressure...
  • Question Statement B: When you ascend in a body of water, the pressure...

Example: Create a 4-choice question, enter 2 different problem statements, 3 correct answers, and 10 incorrect answers. Up to 300 unique questions are generated. 

9. Once all question settings are complete, click Back to Quiz in the right-hand menu. All your work will automatically save. 

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