How do I create a Fill-in-the-Blank question in MiQuizMaker?

In MiQuizMaker, this question type allows instructors to create multiple fill in the blank statements, as well as provide multiple correct answers for a single fill in the blank question. *Note, an answer entered must match the listed correct answers exactly or will not be counted as correct. 

1. When creating a New Question in MiQuizMaker, choose Fill-in-the-Blank. 

2. If desired, give the Question a name. If you don't choose a name for the question, by default, MiQuizMaker will use the first line of text from the first problem statement. MiQuizMaker will periodically auto-save as you work on your quiz content. 

3. Under Question Statement enter the fill-in-the-blank statement, or question, the student will answer. 

4. If desired, click +Add Question Statement to add another question statement. 

  • If adding multiple Question Statements, the correct answer must apply to each question statement. 


  • Statement 1: ______ was the first president of the United States. 
  • Statement 2: The capital of the United States, Washington D.C., is named after ______. 
    • In this instance, the answer to both is George Washington. 

5. Under Answer(s) enter the correct answer on the line. 

6. Click +Add Correct Answer to add additional correct answers. 

7. Optionally, the instructor can adjust their Fill-in-the-Blank question to have multiple versions by clicking on +Convert to Multiple Versions at the bottom of the page. 

  • You can only have one Question Statement when converting to Multiple Versions mode. When converting from Single-Version Mode to Multiple-Version Mode, an error message will populate if there is more than one question statement. If you receive this error message, delete all but one Question Statement. 
  • Multiple Versions allow you to provide two separate questions, each with their own correct or incorrect answer options. The quiz will then randomly select which question(s) are shared with the students. Use the Pick text box to identify how many of the questions will be randomly selected of the questions provided as part of the quiz. 


Example: List the honor code and have students enter "I agree," "yes," and other positive statements. 

8. Once all question settings are complete, click Back to Quiz in the right-hand menu. all your work will automatically save. 

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