Can the starting camera angle for Lecture Recordings be changed?

At the beginning of every Lecture Recording, the camera will readjust to a preset angle. If you would like to change this starting angle for any Lecture Recording site that you manage, go to the CAEN Lecture Recording Management website (, then select the Create A Recording option associated with any course. On the next page, click the blue Connect to the capture system.*

To change the default camera angle for your course, follow these steps:

  1. Use the arrows to move the camera and the +/- to zoom in or out.

  2. Click Set Preset.

  3. Click Default

* You will not be able to interact with the camera or alter a preset if another course is recording, and will need to try again later if that is the case.

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Tue 8/15/23 1:50 PM
Tue 8/15/23 1:50 PM