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Projector is on but won’t project

If the projection has been powered on but no source is selected, it’s possible to jump to the conclusion that the projector didn’t turn on. Check to see if the projector's glowing lens


The Rothschild lab is in the Department of Psychology in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA). The CLIF Note linked below will provide you with general information as well as some

Viruses and malware

your computer allows cyber criminals to achieve their ends more conveniently in many cases, spyware is commonly configured in this way. 3. Interruptions from pop-ups and spam Unexplained pop-ups

Podium monitor won’t display

Sometimes after logging in at the computer, the monitor attached to the standard classroom podium will not show what is visible on the projection screen or wall mounted digital display. Even after the

Microphone - Catchbox power-on and battery replacement procedures

Catchbox power-on and battery replacement procedures Most Catchboxes use AA batteries 2 for the microphone transmitter and 1 for the amplifier Batteries are located in the podium drawer or at

Podium computer media playback volume control

Although in most classrooms the podium is equipped with a standard touch pad for switching projection sources (podium computer, laptop computer, document camera, BluRay player and Cynap wireless

Getting a Great Lakes user account

Summary Obtain a Great Lakes user login. Environment The Great Lakes high-performance computing (HPC) cluster.   Directions The requester must already have a regular uniqname. If

Microphone tips for presenters in the classroom

Q: How do I turn the microphone on or off? For a beltpack lavalier or lapel microphone:  On the top of the pack, adjacent to the antenna and the microphone port, there is a small on/off

Email spoofing and impersonation scams

when viewed on a mobile device since most phone-based email programs don't allow users to hover over links or to see the full email headers. Recognizing an email impersonation scam From


gsi-allocations ... The LSA Faculty Life Cycle is intended to be the single site which incorporates historical data and administrative processes supporting our tenure track faculty, capturing milestones from recruitment