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3D Printing consultation & job submission

One-time data extracts from administrative systems. Individual and personal data must follow University Data Governance rules and may also require Dean’s Office Approval.

Administrative Applications include college wide systems covering financial, budgeting, procurement and salary services, graduate and undergraduate recruiting, and certain department specific applications across the College.

This Service Offering consists of multiple applications used by faculty advisors and department staff across UM for multiple purposes - to facilitate appointments, view student information; record advising interactions; maintain advisor/student assignments; manage academic reviews, LSA degree audits, NCAA eligibility evaluations, cross-campus communication of releases/declarations/exceptions, Sweetland Directed Self Placement records and more. Applications to support curriculum approval and the LSA Course Guide are included.

Digital Asset Management service to track library assets which are in stock, checked out, overdue or have late fees associated.

Assist client to arrange the most appropriate microphone and playback sound support for their needs.

Design, consult, install, repair and upgrade AV systems for LSA spaces. Instructional equipment and software requests. Classroom access management.

LSA TS Infrastructure group configures servers, firewalls, networks, and other computer devices to ensure that audit logs are appropriately configured and maintained

Developing, delivering, or coordinating end-user technology training for applications and systems. Functionally, might include organizational change management and/or development and delivery of digital literacy campaigns.

If you have an emergency in a classroom or notice a problem in a classroom, our team can help. For immediate assistance in the classroom call 734.615.0100 (choose prompt 1).

NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE ( Will not be online until Fall and the process is under evaluation currently)

The Media Center Mac and PC computer classrooms are available to all LSA departments for workshops and special instruction classes.

Produce ready-to-use videos with live camera, screen capture and audio for a variety of platforms

Collaboration, Edit and Demo room support a variety of activities such as group projects, audio/video editing and project demonstrations.

CLIF Notes provide a standardized methodology and data store for maintaining information about the resources held by research groups. It is intended to be a collaboration between researchers and the LSA Technology Services support organizations for delivery of more efficient and effective support.