Start an Instant Meeting From a U-M Zoom Room Conference Room Using “Meet Now”



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How to launch an instant U-M Zoom Rooms meeting using the “Meet Now” feature and invite participants.


Note: while the “Meet Now” feature is available, it is recommended that you instead schedule a Zoom Rooms meeting from your calendar.

To use the Meet Now feature:

  1. Tap the Meet Now icon on the menu bar
  2. Tap Meet Now to start an instant meeting

Options for inviting participants to the meeting

  • Send an email invitation from within Zoom Rooms
  • Share the Meeting ID via U-M email, chat, text message, etc.

Send an email invitation from within Zoom Rooms

  1. After starting the meeting, tap Participants
  2. Tap Invite

On the Zoom Rooms Touch control panel, there are three rows of control buttons. The Participants button is the fourth button from the left on the second (middle) row. When you press the Participants button, a new window appears; the "Invite" button appears in the lower left-hand portion of this window.

  1. Enter the email address(es) you wish to send an invitation to in the To: field

Note: Zoom Rooms is not synced with MCommunity, so you must enter email addresses manually.

  1. Tap Send Invitation

Share the Meeting ID via U-M email, chat, text message, etc.

  1. After starting the meeting, tap the info icon next to the title of the meeting
  2. Locate the Meeting ID and share with participants via U-M email, text message, etc.

The Meeting ID of an active meeting can be found on the Zoom Rooms Touch Control Panel at the very top center; it is above all of the control buttons.

Additional Information

  • Note that the email will come from the Zoom Room rather than the host; “from” will contain the name of the Zoom Room
  • Users may need to check their spam folder if they do not see the invitation
  • Users who wish to join via receiving a Meeting ID can open Zoom, click Join, and then enter the Meeting ID in the field provided

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.



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