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I have already shared a Zoom Meeting link with participants, such as through a calendar invitation. How do I add security settings without having to re-send the link?


ITS recommends using at least one of the following security options. Adding either of these options does NOT change the link, and therefore, new information will NOT need to be sent to invitees.

NOTE: Changes to your meetings can be made in the Zoom web app, even if you created the meeting using Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, etc.

Adding Authentication AND/OR a Waiting Room to Existing Meetings

  1. Navigate to and login if prompted
  2. Hover over the Meeting you want to change and click Edit
    : For recurring meetings, click Edit on the next occurrence, then click Edit All Occurrences.
  3. Add at least one security setting as follows:
    • To add a Waiting Room: check the box next to Waiting Room in the Security section (don't forget to configure your Waiting Room settings using the U-M recommended settings)
    • To use Authentication: check the box in Meeting Options next to Require authentication to join and ensure University of Michigan Users is selected in the drop-down
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the page

The join information you have already shared with participants (i.e. URL) will NOT change. You do NOT need to recreate your calendar meetings or re-share the Zoom information.

Changing Default Settings to Add Authentication AND/OR a Waiting Room When Creating New Meetings

To avoid having to make this change again in the future, you can turn on Authentication and/or a Waiting Room as your default setting so that new meetings you create have the setting turned on by default. This change will NOT impact meetings that you have already created; it will only impact NEW meetings. You can always change the settings as you are creating the meeting, or after the meeting is already created.

  1. Navigate to and login if prompted
  2. To add Only authenticated users by default to new meetings:
    1. Click the toggle next to Only authenticated users can join meetings to turn it on; if it is on, it is blue (screen-readers show "true")
    2. Ensure that in Meeting Authentication Options, University of Michigan Users shows (Default); if it does not, click Edit next to University of Michigan Users and check the box next to Set as default authentication option, then Save
    3. Ensure that University of Michigan Users shows Hide in the Selection beside it, indicating that it is currently shown as an option. If it instead says Show in the Selection, click this link to make the option available in the Only authenticated users options.
  3. To add a Waiting Room by default to new meetings:
    1. Click the toggle next to Waiting room to turn it on; if it is on, it is blue (screen-readers show "true")
    2. Configure the Waiting Room using the Edit Options and Customize Waiting Room settings

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