Transfer a Canvas Course From One Institution to Another


University of Michigan Canvas, may also involve other Canvas instances at other academic institutions (like when a Faculty person is changing universities)


Sometimes an instructor transfers institutions and would like to bring their academic resources with them to use at their new university. 


  • Canvas courses can be exported from one institution and imported to the new institution.
    • Help may be needed from the other institution depending on where the individual is currently working


  • Export each course from the former institution using Canvas -- Keep in mind that when you export a course you only export Canvas content, and not LTI tools
    • Go into Settings from the left hand menu
    • Choose Export Content from the right hand menu.  
    • Choose to export the whole course, and follow the prompts to complete the process.  
      • Once the status bar is complete, you will see a clickable link that says "New Export."  
    • Click that and your browser will download the export file to your computer.
      • The exported file will end in .imscc and include the name of your course
  • Log in to Canvas at the new institution and determine where you want the content to go -- request new courses, or use an existing course.
    • Open the Canvas course where you want the content to be copied into
    • Choose Import Existing Content from the right hand menu.  
    • Choose the type as "Canvas Course Export Package" and make the appropriate selections for the import.  
    • Click the Import button when you are ready for it to occur.  

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