Merge Two Different Videos Together Using Adobe Premiere Rush


Adobe Premiere Rush


How to merge two different videos into a single video.


The Video Editor in MiVideo does not have this capability. Instead use video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Rush, which is demonstrated in this article. See the Adobe Premier Rush section below for more information about obtaining this software. Other video editing software applications can also be used to edit the two sources in a similar fashion.

Note: before beginning, both videos should be saved locally on your hard drive. 

Merge Two Videos Together with Adobe Premier Rush

  1. Launch Adobe Premiere Rush
  2. Click the Create a New Project button
  3. In the bottom left name your project
  4. Locate the two videos you want to combine by selecting the folder in the left navigation
  5. Highlight both videos by clicking on them
  6. Click the Create button in the bottom right
  7. After your project is loaded you will see both videos appended end to end
  8. If you want to combine one video on top of the other, for example a screen recording and webcam recording (similar to a two source Kaltura Capture video), continue to the next step
    1. Otherwise adjust your videos as necessary utilizing the Premiere Rush User Guide and skip to step 13
  9. In the bottom left click the Control Tracks icon
  10. In the timeline, drag the webcam track on top of the screen track making sure the ends line up
  11. Click the mute icon to the left of the track to mute audio from the screen track
  12. Click the webcam track in the timeline then resize and drag to move the clip in the preview area
  13. Once you are finished adjusting the video, click the Share tab in the top left and highlight the Local tab
  14. Rename the video and select the save to location
  15. Click Advanced Settings to change the video quality
    1. Generally, 1080p full HD is solid quality for most videos
  16. Click the Export button
    1. It may take a few minutes for the video to export
  17. Once complete, preview your video
    1. The video can now be uploaded to MiVideo or used elsewhere

Adobe Premier Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite available to faculty, staff, and students at the University of Michigan. See the ITS Adobe Creative Cloud webpage for more information. 

Training for Adobe Premiere Rush can be found on LinkedIn Learning which is available to faculty, staff, and students at the University of Michigan. See the Organizational Learning LinkedIn Learning webpage for more information.

Video Demo

How to Edit a Two Source Kaltura Capture Video With Adobe Premiere Rush

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