Apply a Grading Scheme in Canvas




How to apply a grading scheme to a Gradebook in Canvas.


By default, Canvas displays grades as % or points. To calculate final grades as letters (or another acceptable grade format), you must first apply either a currently-defined grading scheme or a grading scheme you created or modified.

You can apply a grading scheme at any point, including before the course is published or while you are calculating final grades. Please note that you cannot edit the default grading scheme.


  • You can only edit grading schemes that have not been linked to a course
    • However, grading schemes can always be deleted
  • If you delete an account-level grading scheme that has been enabled at the course level and used to assess a student, the grading scheme will not be deleted from the course

When the course grading scheme has been set, you will see the letter grade in the "Total" column of the Gradebook along with the % or points.

Students also can see their final letter grade.

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