Transferring Student Grades in Canvas After Student Section Change




A student changes sections after grades have been entered in the first section AND the sections are taught in separate Canvas courses. There are no grades in the new section the student was moved to.

Grades must be manually updated in the new section, but the grades in the old section will no longer be visible in the old section. 


There are two ways to deal with this depending on when the student switched sections:

  1. If the student switched sections during the add/drop period, or they were removed from the old section manually, they must be temporarily added back to the old course in order to see the grades in the gradebook of the old course. They can be removed again after grade transfer is complete.

    It is recommended that the student be informed that they are being temporarily added back to the old course to help avoid confusion (the course will show up on the student Canvas dashboard when they are added back).
  2. If the student switched sections after add/drop, they may be listed in the course as inactive in the People tool. In this case, there is no need to add the student back to the old course. The Canvas gradebook settings in the old course can be modified to show the inactive students so grades can be retrieved. See the Canvas help doc to learn how to view inactive students in the gradebook.

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