Michigan Medicine Staff Unable to Log in to ResponsiBLUE


ResponsiBLUE, Michigan Medicine


Michigan Medicine-affiliated staff unable to log in to ResponsiBLUE


The most common issue is Michigan Medicine staff using a personal Google account or trying to log in with an @med.umich.edu account (must only use uniquename@umich.edu).

  1. Go to responsiblue.umich.edu
  2. Tap or click Sign in with Google
  3. If prompted, enter your UMICH Level-1 Weblogin information
    Note: Your UMICH (Level-1) Weblogin information is the log-in information you use for timesheets, payroll, or open enrollment
  4. Click Log In
  5. Authenticate using Duo
    Note You will need to have the Duo Mobile app set up on your mobile device to receive push notifications or a phone call
  6. Choose your uniqname@umich.edu email address from the list

If you continue to have login problems:

  • Check the device Operating System:
    • iOS - supports the two most recent major releases
    • Android - supports 3 most recent major releases
    • Chrome/Firefox/Firefox ESR - only supports the latest
    • Safari/Edge - supports two most recent major releases
    • IE 11 - not supported (a known issue)
  • Try using ResponsiBLUE Guest as a temporary work around

Additional Information

Step by step login instruction

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center or Health Information Technology & Services.


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