My LINC "unauthorized access is rejected" Error

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You see an "unauthorized access is rejected" error while taking a My LINC course


This error appears when using the Chrome browser and occurs when pop-ups are blocked. To resolve this error, enable pop-ups AND delete Chrome browser history, cache, cookies.

  1. Enable pop-ups for the My LINC website (See Article ID: 1098)
  2. Clear the history, cache, and cookies for all time (See Article ID: 130)
  3. Restart Google Chrome by closing and re-opening it
  4. Try a different browser (Firefox, Safari, Edge)

Additional Information

The full navigation that prompts this error:

After selecting "Start" to launch the course, directed to the course progress page that states "We have attempted to launch your course in a new window, but a popup blocker is preventing from opening it. Please click the below button to relaunch the course." Additionally, there is a "Start" button to manually launch the course in a pop-up window.

After manually launching the course using that 2nd "Start" button, the course window loads and a the error appears: "Unauthorized access is rejected."

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Fri 8/21/20 1:09 PM
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