Student/Alumni Access to Canvas after Graduation or the End of Term




Can students access a Canvas course after the end of term, even if they graduate?


Typically students and alumni can still access a Canvas course after the end of the term. However this depends on how the course is configured by the instructor. Most courses allow students/alumni full access to the course for two weeks after the end of the term (Office of the Register’s academic calendar) and read-only access beyond that date.

Read-only access means you can access files and download them. You cannot do actions like take a quiz, submit an assignment, or post/reply to a discussion.

If you need access to a particular course or course content that has been removed, the access depends on your instructor.

Canvas is not meant to be used for storage. You should download any materials you need as soon as possible before they are removed.

  • Common scenarios that can cause access interruptions:
    • The course ends according to term dates
    • The course is unpublished
    • The course is deleted
    • Students are manually removed from the course
  • Instructors may choose to conclude or restrict access to a course on purpose
    • Please work with your course Instructor to negotiate access to the course content you need

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